Certificate and Credits

Courses are available for the following language proficiencies: A1-C1.

The German class contains 72 lessons (45 minutes each) that can be divided into live online sessions and tasks to submit. After successful completion of the class and passing the exam you can gain a LMU certificate with 3 ECTS credits.

The certificate is equivalent to the classroom course.

In order to receive a certificate with ECTS points and a grade, you must meet the following requirements:

  • no more than 12 teaching units absent; in the absence of a maximum of 20 teaching units, a certificate of attendance may still be acquired
  • participation in the final online based exam (60 minutes)
  • pass the exam with at least 60 percent in total
  • active participation in lessons
  • regular completion of homework
  • constructive contributions, on one's own initiative or address
  • collaboration in partner and group work


  • Active participation in class: 50%
  • Final exam: 50%

Those who do not pass the exam and/or are absent for 12 teaching units or more may still obtain a certificate of completion but without ECTS points and without grade.


However, this certificate is not a substitute for the language test, which all foreign students must pass prior to a full-time study in Germany (like Test DaF, DSH). Further information regarding this language test will be provided during the course.

Grading Scale:

LMU Grade PointDescription
1.3Very Good
NANo Grade

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and ECTS Credits

ECTS was developed in order to provide a common point system which can guarantee academic recognition for studies abroad. ECTS credits are based on the workload. Students will be awarded 1 ECTS credit for 30 hours of work, including attending classes and also self-study and examinations.