German Language Course

Theater Workshop

The LMU Summer Language Course is offering a theater workshop to provide additional support to the language training.

The workshop is organized by the institute of Theaterwissenschaft.

  • In the workshop you will improve your language skills in an active and creative way. Stage presence and a corresponding attitude are not only relevant in theater, but also during presentations in academic and professional context.

  • The aim of the workshop is to transcend the repetition of phrases and grammar structures, and also to communicate directly through the use of inflection, gesture and facial expressions.

  • The workshop works with improvisational theater methods built upon materials developed from true-to-life situations; additionally you will improve your pronunciation, and develop a natural “flow” when speaking German.   

  • You can expect a lot of fun by learning "untypically" and you will get the experience to create an authentic performance.

  • The final outcome will be shown on stage at the end of the Summer Language Course.
  • Every workshop has max. 14 participants

Application and Costs