Remote Online Summer German Language Course


Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU) welcomes guest students to its Remote Online Summer German Language Course from July 19 to August 13, 2021 

The University has long been recognized as a center of excellence for the study and teaching of German as a foreign language. Language teaching at the Remote Online Summer German Language Course as part of the MISU is proficiency-based and aims to develop four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Each course is designed to teach the language within its academic, cultural and social context, so that students deepen their knowledge about Germany, whilst simultaneously developing their language skills. 

The course is a four-week intensive language course that is conducted as a remote learning course. Experienced German teachers teach you in a group with other learners via an online platform in classroom form, support you individually in special learning coaching sessions and correct the learning tasks you submit. At the end of the course you can write an exam and receive 3 ECTS points for your participation in class.


Course objectives:

  • to develop and improve your German language skills
  • to give you individual feedback
  • to support you individually
  • to give you an insight into the German culture
  • to give you an insight into everyday German life
  • to give you an insight into the academic university life

Course benefits:

  • interactive remote online course with experienced German teachers
  • small study groups
  • individual support
  • independent learning
  • insights into everyday life through virtual field trips
  • fast language acquisition due to the intensity

The course at a glance:

  • Date: July 19 - August 13, 2021 
  • Content/tasks: 64 teaching units (each 45 minutes long), 3 learning tasks, individual language coaching, 2 virtual field trips
  • Learning material: Course book via learning platform
  • Total processing time: 72-80 teaching units depending on individual learning speed (equivalent to approx. 85 teaching units of a classroom-based course)
  • Duration of course: 4 weeks
  • Online live lessons: 20 (each 135 minutes long)
  • Qualification: Certificate with grade & 3 ECTS-Credits or Certificate of participation depending on engagement in class and exam passed at the end of course
  • Price: € 550,00